Sharing risk and reward
Sharing risk and reward

For high-performing
mid-market business owners

You hate buying insurance

  • Your premiums are more than $250k for:
  • Commercial property
  • General liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial auto

But your loss ratios are less than 40% over 5 years.

So you’re paying big premiums each year for a few small claims. Which means you’re propping up other poorly run businesses that don’t manage their risks as well as you do.

You deserve more control

By getting a captive – a private insurance company you own – you can retain your own risk and reap the reward in the same way the world’s largest and most profitable companies do.

Reap the rewards

Control losses to maximize profit

Your captive pays claims out of the premiums it receives. The less you pay in claims, the greater your underwriting profit.
As a business owner you manage the risks in your business. As a captive owner you will be able to influence claims, including the appointment of specialist lawyers, and having a say on which claims to settle and which to defend.

As long as your claims and expenses are less than its premiums, your captive will make a profit.

Keep the profits, reinvest and get out front

You’re in control of how you put your profit to work. Subject to approval by the regulator, you can invest it, acquire assets or take a dividend whenever you choose.

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