Sharing risk and reward
Sharing risk and reward

About Us

Insurance and reinsurance underwriters

I–RE are insurance and reinsurance underwriters, based in Miami, London, and Bermuda. We underwrite A rated insurance coverage for high-performing mid-market US clients on behalf of our US insurer partners, and we underwrite reinsurance in Bermuda.

We believe in challenging market norms to find a better way to deliver results. Our business is dedicated to:

  • Empowering business owners to take risk and earn reward.
  • Transforming the relationship clients have with the insurance market, and the way they feel about it.
  • Helping brokers and captive managers deliver exceptional value, to win and keep high-performing mid-market clients.

I–RE works with insurance brokers, captive managers, captive insurance companies, and for clients in the USA.

Working with brokers

The broker’s role is essential to I–RE – we support them with everything they expect from an underwriter. Everything is the same, for clients and brokers, in terms of placing A rated coverage, supported by a US-based claims service. And clients continue to rely on the trusted relationship they have with their broker, and their expert advice.

Working with captives and captive managers

For mid-market clients with a captive, underwriting their own commercial property and casualty coverage in a captive can be a challenge – this is what I–RE does.

Although we work with them, we do not manage captive insurance companies ourselves, so we work closely with captive managers. They steer clients through the captive formation and management process, providing all the assistance they need.

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